Revengineers - Revengineers (Cover Artwork)
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Revengineers (2012)


Hailing from Rochester, N.Y., chiptune/Nintendocore/"that thing where they make video game music" band Revengineers has a mighty fine self-titled EP out now. Revengineers offers five energetic tracks for those who prefer their Game Boys to be giant grey cinderblocks, although anyone who likes fun should be on board. You do like fun, don't you?

While chiptune has crept into the occasional popular artists' work (Ke$ha, Eminem), it will arguably always be an underground genre. To that end, Revengineers sticks to its roots, using video game technology to write video game songs. "So Long Past, Past Due," for example, opens with a charging up effect and some atmospheric touches before guitars and drums kick things into action mode. You don't have to be a retro fetishist to appreciate the track, but little flourishes like that are still welcome all the same.

Overall, though, Revengineers is just a really, really fun EP. The band has played with acts like Fang Island, and while the bands use pretty different approaches to songwriting (Guitars vs. Nintendos… there's a title for you), the result is still the same. Both groups write peppy, high energy songs that make for excellent driving soundtracks. While Revengineers has little dips in energy, providing some better contrast, this EP is basically a party jam. I'd put it in league with stuff like Andrew W.K. as much as I would Anamanaguchi. Play it loud and often until your thumbs get sore.