Anti-Flag - Die for the Government (Cover Artwork)


Die for the Government (1996)

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Anti-Flag is one of the most popular bands in the punk scene today, and they deserve it. Unfortunately, their debut release isn't one of the reasons why. This album from 1996 has a few great songs, so you can hear the beginnings of what has become one of the best political punk bands, but most of the CD isn't that great.

The lyrics for some songs are intelligent, but some are simple and ridiculously exaggerated. The music isn't too different from the norm in street punk, although some songs like "No More Dead" are quite impressive. The main problem is that most songs lack the energetic punk anthem feel that their later albums are full of.

The first six tracks are a mix of different qualities - "You've Got to Die for the Government" is a classic and "Red White and Brainwashed" is great, but there are a couple of average tracks and a couple of tracks that I don't care for. The next eight songs are average at best, with "Punk by the Book" being the only exception. "No More Dead" is amazing, then the album finishes off with "Confused Youth" and "Your Daddy Was a Rich Man", two songs that would have been better left off the CD.

With 17 tracks to listen to, you should be able to find some songs on this CD that you can enjoy. However, if your tastes are like mine you'll probably skip over several songs when you play it. Regardless of whether or not you like this CD, you should check out Anti-Flag's newer releases, which I like a lot more.