Mikey Erg - Fucifier [flexi-disc] (Cover Artwork)

Mikey Erg

Fucifier [flexi-disc] (2012)

Bloated Kat Records/John Wilke

It seems Mr. Erg's more recent allies in Star Fucking Hipsters have convinced him it's okay to be angry sometimes. But while Stza and the crew may be angry at the government and cops and... the government and cops, it seems that Mikey Erg is just pissed in general. This was his direct statement about the album two days before he recorded it:

"I haven't written the songs yet... But I know who I'm pissed off at."

So it seems as this record serves as a sort of therapy to Mikey to release some pent up aggression he's been feeling about... stuff. The album just kind of screams and flails its arms about in a frenzy trying to smack anything that gets too close. There's no real direct target that Erg is trying to attack and occasionally his frenzied shouts deteriorate into primal grunts and yells with no actual words being uttered. As for the music itself it's five thirty-second fast, manic, thrashy bursts of hardcore with no breaks or signs of slowing down with the exception of a bridge in the last song. It's the equivalent of a speeding car burning down a highway, slowing down for just a second before blasting through a guardrail.

While he pulls off being thrashy and manic rather well, ultimately there is nothing memorable about any of these songs. If someone told me to listen to this without revealing the artist, Mikey Erg or anything Mikey Erg-related would be the last thing that would come to mind and thoughts of contemplating locking said person in a similar speeding car would follow. There is no semblance of any of the songwriting traits Mikey has shown before and combined with his statement it's embarrassingly obvious he just threw these songs together and shipped them off for press. The songs aren't bad or offensive, unless you dislike loud music of course... which kind of makes me wonder why you're here if you don't, but there is nothing special at all about any of them and it's safe to consider them all fairly.

If you're in the mood for some fast and angry music right this second then you might as well give this a listen as it's fresh in your mind. Otherwise don't bother as you'll probably forget this record exists fairly soon after listening to it. I hope this helped dissolve Mikey's anger because any further exploration in this field by him would just be a waste of the talent that we all know he has. You're better than this, Mikey.