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Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects (2011)

Modern Action Records

The Modern Action Records website states that all you need to know about Sharp Objects line up is that it features "1 guy from The Briefs, 2 guys from The Bodies and a guy from Puerto Rico. " That might not be overly helpful for anyone with little or no knowledge of the two named bands but one other thing you need to know is that if you have any sort of love for bands like the Adolescents and Agent Orange then you will probably find yourself enjoying Sharp Objects.

Admittedly, this isn't the most original of albums I've heard (hell, they've got a song called "DMZ" which is somewhat dated unless it's more in line with recent conflicts around the globe but it always makes me think of Vietnam), but what it does have going for it is that it is well performed and recorded snotty punk rock with the emphasis on catchy tunes that easily work their way into your head. This is music that doesn't need any major thought given to it: it is just solid and enjoyable punk rock. The main musical thrust is the rhythm section, with the bass laying down an inventive and extremely elastic beat, matched more than ably by some straightforward but precise drumming (the hi-hat and cymbals come across really clearly in the mix). Add to this a choppy twin guitar attack with some killers '80s vocals and this should really get you yearning for the early days of all of the two aforementioned bands.

This isn't a total retro package though as the music still sounds fresh and vibrant today. In fact, despite some of the less upbeat lyrics, this still fills me with a sense of well-being, in that I like what I hear. I do think the basslines play an important part in this. This is melodic, snotty and good quality punk rock--easy to listen to and easy to review. Top of the pile, in terms of tracks, would be "Lost In The City"--this song really does contain a wonderful bass performance that brings the album to a really good conclusion.