Person L/ Weatherbox - Split [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

Person L / Weatherbox

Split [7-inch] (2012)

Youth Conspiracy

[Editor's note: The Person L/Weatherbox split was released by Youth Conspiracy, a label run by former Reviews Editor Scott Heisel. Staff reviewer Tori Pederson has no relationship with Heisel. So... there.]

A split between Person L and Weatherbox makes sense. They've both been pumping out moody post-hardcore for a few years now, and they both have a keen sense of melody. The split represents another interesting step in the evolution of each.

Up first is Person L, whose atmospheric "OK" finds former Starting Line frontman Kenneth Vasoli doing his best Jesse Lacey impersonation. Its quiet-loud dynamics also suggest some Brand New influence. The next track, "Winter Clothes," is the more aggressive of the two and its distorted vocal effects make it sound more like something from Glassjaw's Worship and Tribute than anything in Vasoli's back catalog. At a scant two minutes, it is the shortest song on the split, and could stand to be a little longer. I wouldn't complain about another go around of the chorus.

I haven't paid too much attention to Weatherbox outside of 2007's American Art, but judging by the songs on this split, I should start. Their songs here are more straightforward and urgent than Person L's, and "Kickflips For Weeks" in particular has an almost power pop vibe underneath its biting, angular guitars. Frontman Brian Warren has a voice that falls somewhere between Manchester Orchestra's Andy Hull and At the Drive-In's Cedric Bixler-Zavala that complements the music quite nicely.

Both Person L and Weatherbox bring something unique and interesting to the table on this split. Both groups wear their influences on their sleeves, but also have strong identities of their own. This is an enjoyable, short (the whole affair clocks in at 12 minutes) slice of post-hardcore that has made this reviewer take another look at both bands and will surely see me checking out their other works that I may have missed. Fans of the genre would do well to pick this split up.