Latterman - Our Better Halves [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Our Better Halves [7-inch] (2011)


Usually after a band breaks up, a rarities compilation, a clearance sale of sorts, follows. Sometimes it comes right away, a la Discount's two singles collections. Sometimes it takes years, as we've seen with Nirvana's With the Lights Out box set or the Promise Ring's upcoming collection. In Latterman's case, there's only a one song, one-sided seven-inch.

While it would be neat to see early material like None of These Songs are About Girls or the two tracks from their split with Nakatomi Plaza gain a wider release, according to the band, there is only one true rarity left in the vault, a previously unreleased track called "Our Better Halves." Originally recorded for a compilation that never came to fruition, the song was pressed on a seven-inch for Latterman's recent string of reunion shows as a special gift for fans last year.

"Our Better Halves" is perhaps best described as "pretty darn Lattermannish." Musically, it has the same throaty, dual vocals and driving bassline. The guitars do that fingertapping thing and then that super fast shreddy thing, just like on "Will This Be on the Test?" and/or "Water Manes at the Block's End." Lyrically, it has the same posi vibe fans loved about Latterman ("I'm fucking proud of the things we held up / Cross my fingers and cross my heart"). Then again, the song also deals with a community falling apart, so it could just as easily read as a sign of Latterman's impending break-up. Either way, it's a good track.

While the bulk of the records were only available at shows, as of this writing, the seven-inch is still available through a few outlets for a reasonable price. Now give us a full compilation.