Rites of Spring - End on End (Cover Artwork)

Rites of Spring

End on End (1985)


The Short Review: If you consider yourself a fan of what we are now calling "Emo", then buy this album. Go... now.

The Long Review: Imagine you´re there. It´s 1984 and harDCore is an shambles. Minor Threat and Faith have broken up, and Bad Brains are just kinda... there. Posuers looking for a reason to beat up kids are flooding the shows and violence is raging. What do you do. If you happen to be Guy Piccotto, Mike Fellows, Brendan Canty, and Eddie Janney, you create a whole different scene.

This is it, the one you´ve heard all those older looking dudes at the record store talking about when you ask them if they like the Get Up Kids. Each song on this record wrote the book on what we are now pathetically refering to as "Emo" (according to Spin, Emo is basically every type of guitar based music released these days). Listen as Guy Piccotto shreds his larnyx on gems such "Spring", "Remainder", "All There Is", and "Persistent Vision". Listen as the band collectively shreds their instruments on songs like "For Want Of" and "Other Way Around". And listen as the next 15 years of cutting edge punk rock is foretold in the blistering "End on End".

Leave your Vagrant punk schlock on the ground kiddies, run, don´t walk to the record store and buy this album. It is emo, even if I hate that title, it is so emotionally draining that it will leave you exhuasted for the next 4 to 5 days.

"And if Summer Left you dry, with nothing left to try, this time"
- "Spring"