Nation of Ulysses - Play Pretty for Baby (Cover Artwork)

Nation of Ulysses

Play Pretty for Baby (1992)


The Nation of Ulysses were the last band that really believed in the pure salvation that is punk rock. During their entire time together as a band, the NOU seemed locked in a Peter Panesque struggle to stay forever young and stay free. Stay free of the constraints of the US government, stay free of the status quo, and stay free from all constraints in general. That being said, it can probably be said that the NOU were the most dangerous band of the 1990´s.

"Play Pretty for Baby", their second album, is as explosive now as it was when it first appeared in 1992. Part beat poetry, part jazz hipness, and part punk noise explosion, the NOU crafted a record that not only expanded on their previous album, but tore the roof of the sucka. Songs veer from pointed critique´s of cough syrup addicts to aging boomers. Lead singer Ian Svenonius´s voice jumps erraticly from a cynical snarl, to a life affirming death shriek. The musical attack is relentless as well, breathless rocker´s such as "A Comment on Ritual" and "The Kingdom of Heaven Must be Taken by Storm" have the driving force of hardcore, with the musical experimentation similar to that of Sonic Youth. Horns also appear, which add to the volatile attack.

The Nation of Ulysses may be gone, but there is no reason one can´t hope on this "Last Train to Cool", put on that sharp suit, and rebel in style.

"I´m not talking bout a Beatles song, written a hundred years before I was born"
- "N-Sub Ulysses"