Wavelets - Athaletics [12-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Athaletics [12-inch] (2012)

Tiny Engines

Grown Ups may be long gone, but those looking for more noodly punk-tinged post-somethingcore should be pleased as punch by Athaletics, the full-length debut from Florida's Wavelets. Like Grown Ups, Wavelets wed intricate, snaking guitar lines reminiscent of CSTVT and '90s emo wed to the Starting Line's hooks. I know how that sounds, but stick with me here.

That comparison comes mostly due to frontman Steven Gray's nasally vocals. He's got some major Kenny Vasoli action going on down there in them pipes, and while he's arguably a pop-punk singer at heart, Gray's delivery doesn't clash with the music as much as one would think. If anything, his relatively clean singing style (he does get raspy every so often) conveys the lyrics without listeners having to constantly refer to a lyrics sheet, which is usually the case when bands start creeping over into post-hardcore territory.

The vocals might be a turnoff for some, but if bands like Mineral and On the Might of Princes are amongs your reasons for choosing life, then Athaletics might still be up ya'll's alley. At just nine songs, the record gets in, drops some rock bombs and then gets out before things get stale. There are big choruses and gang vocals aplenty. The guitars are suitably epic, going from quite, meandering, atmospheric parts to big, open, rocktastic chords in a second. Athaletics doesn't quite top the work of its forebears, but it's still a solid set of songs, and yet another strong release for 2012.