Losin' It! - Danger Zone (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Losin' It!

Danger Zone (2012)

Life to Live

The cover of Losin' It!'s Danger Zone EP features a circle pitting Jovian* which signifies that the band is at least interested in forging outside of the hardcore norm.

Most strikingly, the band balances just the right amount of rawness and intensity, which gives the release a very organic, genuine feel. While lumbering guitars hang in the air echoing early Cro-Mags and Agnostic Front, the band snaps back and forth from kicking riffs that give the release a feel of excitement rather than the trudging sound of more modern NYHC releases.

Additionally, the vocals' rare ablility to ride the rhythm almost gives the release a chanting or tribal feel, which increase the rapid pounding of the music's central rhythm. Lyrically, the band attacks people that used to be part of hardcore that no linger feel connected to it. Additionally, the band targets homophobia.

However, compared to many NYHC style releases, the vitriol seems to be just a little too generic. Were the targets given some moor description, the essential point of the lyrics could be discerned, but instead, we are left with barely more than "I'm angry!"

Their cover and choice to go raw as opposed to the modern fad of ultra heavy hardcore shows that Losin' It! is interested in taking risks. If they keep it up, one of them is bound to pay off.

*an alien from Jupiter