Great Cynics - In the Valley [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Great Cynics

In the Valley [7-inch] (2012)

Kind of Like Records

You shouldn't let good songs go to waste. Such is the logic behind Great Cynics' latest release, a Coke bottle blue seven-inch called In the Valley. While all three of the tracks have been available acoustically on other releases, Valley marks the first time they've been performed by a full band. All of the tracks benefit from being fleshed out.

Coming off like a mellower Against Me!, or maybe a less melodic RVIVR, Great Cynics specialize in detailing the minute. The way records sound. The random strangers you meet and the impressions they make. Establishing how much you miss someone by mentioning that he/she likes Jets to Brazil, because fuck yeah Jets to Brazil. Coupled with Giles Bidder's Tom Gabely shout, it all sounds pretty good.

Still, though, considering these songs have been around for a couple of years, you'd think things would be more fine-tuned. "14 Coleman St" sounds great with a full band arrangement, but "In the Valley" doesn't have much of an ending. Punk rock favors brevity, but this is too little.

Then again, these are new old songs, an appetizer while the band works on a follow-up to last year's Don't Need Much. In the Valley is a solid enough EP. All three songs are agreeably catchy, although a little too mid tempo.