Strung Out/Rise Against/Audio Karate - live in Santa Barbara, CA (Cover Artwork)

Strung Out / Rise Against / Audio Karate

live in Santa Barbara, CA (2002)

live show

This was my first time going to the Living Room in Santa Barbara so I was very excited. The Line played short fast set that only lasted 30 min. Even though not many people were watching it was very entertaining. As the crowd grew Audio Karate came on. They had some catchy songs that sounded good despite not knowing the lyrics.

Rise Against I was really anticipating. The lead singer came on and said we just finished a 30 hr drive from Chicago to get here and were happy you guys are here, so kick some ass! The second song they played which was my favorite "My Life" drew the most intensity out of any of their songs. The band was going crazy on stage which resulted in the energy-filled crowd. No wonder Fat Mike signed these guys. They can really rock out.

After waiting for 35 min between Rise Against's set and Strung Out's set. The boys from Simi Valley finally came on. They opened with "American Paradox." They were all wearing collared shirts and ties in their new latest show apparel which I think is awsome. Ya gotta come to work looking good! Jason was jumping off the amps into the crowd and they played the crowd favorites such as "Virgina Madison" "Bring Out Your Dead" "Firecracker" There set was well balanced from all of their albums. The drummer Jordan Burns is just amazingly talented and once again Strung Out proved that they can put on a high intensity emotional show that will bring fans back wanting more. For anyone who has never seen Strung Out it is a definate must to see these guys. They play with fierce intensity and I hope they keep on making records on FAT for a long time.