Chilling Winston - Pessimistic (Cover Artwork)

Chilling Winston

Pessimistic (2012)

Sewing Circle Records

In 2010 Chilling Winston released a self-titled 10 inch that this reviewer described as "a solid debut" using words like "raw," "gruff" and "mum's garage." Just like this reviewer (maybe), Chilling Winston has matured in its art and offers a nicely polished 7-inch titled Pessimistic.

While maintaining the musical stylings that have drawn praise from many in the Australian punk rock community, the band has developed through hard work and touring to be a staple in the West Australian scene. This readiness to become better at what they do was obviously also transferred into the recording studio. Not only are the songs better both in structure and in sound but the recording is too.

The opening hook of "Charlie" is catchy and brings the listener in from the start and is matched throughout the record with clean guitar work and respectable musicianship. The song features the vocalists' gravelly voices dueling at times, which is a staple for the band. CW brings the fun on the second track, "Cookie Dough." There is no other way to describe the song about Sarah Michelle Gellar not answering the singer's calls (If you ask me, he's a bit of a creep!)

A jangly guitar evoking thoughts of fellow Western Australian band Grim Fandango leads into "Ashtray Eyes" before it is cut abruptly by the vocals that have become synonymous with Chilling Winston. The stand out track on the record will have you singing "To resuscitate or eliminate…" all afternoon. The title track "Pessimistic" opens with the line "I'm so much cooler than you are" and by the end of the song it's not hard to believe it. A great punk rock song with all the right components in all the right places, there is no need to doubt this song, or the entire record for that matter.

For fans of the previous release (which you can listen to here) and Hot Water Music, Latterman, Spanish Gamble, O Pioneers!!! and Dear Landlord.