Further Seems Forever/Dynamite Boy - live in Freeport (Cover Artwork)
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Further Seems Forever / Dynamite Boy

live in Freeport (2002)

live show

After seeing Further Seems Forever tear shit up at the Chicago stop of the Warped Tour, I felt compelled to check them out only 5 days later, in beautiful[?] Freeport, Illinois.

The show was to take place at Klub Phenomenon, a place known for bringing in big acts and having no one show up [whether it's due to the lack of a strong scene in the area or the lack of advertising, I'll let you be the judge]. Was this show any different? Not too much. I'd say maybe 100 people showed up, and that's probably highballing it. Those who were there, though, came for the rock, and we definitely got it.

First up was Breaking Pangaea, from Philadelphia, PA. This band is rocktastic. They opened up with "Colors On The Inside" from their stunning EP, then peppered their set with older songs like "Lullaby" as well as new tracks off their full length CD like "The Wedding Dress," "Skylight," and "The New Sound." They closed with an extended version of "Sick Day," and my night was already off to a good start.

Up next were the Lost City Angels. This band recently signed to Nitro Records. They had good stage presence, even with the absence of backing vocals [the Klub's PA is notorious for crapping out all the time]. I'd say their sound is not as street punk as say, The Hudson Falcons or the GC5, but it's not as rock and roll as say, Squad 5-0. It was a nice balance, and even though their set did wear a bit thin after a while, I'd still probably go see them again.

Third up on the bill were Texas natives Dynamite Boy. After a ton of technical issues [c'mon, KP, get your mics working before a show next time!], they finally got underway. Their set focused mainly on songs off of their last album "Somewhere In America," but they did drag up one or two from their "Finder's Keepers" disc. They also played 2 new songs, one of which, "Satellite," was amazing. Seriously. Their set also was highlighted with the band's cover of "TNT" by AC/DC. For some reason, Dynamite Boy's guitarist wasn't there [did he quit? I have no idea], so their roadie Dusty filled in and sounded just as good as their regular guy.

Finally, the moment I [and the majority of the small crowd] had been waiting for - Further Seems Forever took the stage. the crowd had dwindled after Dynamite Boy, but those who stayed were as rabid as a Doberman, and we made Jason and company feel plenty warm by singing the lyrics to pretty much every damn thing they played. They played all but two songs off "The Moon Is Down," as well as two new songs [one of which was called "The Sound," I believe]. The old material has taken on a new life with Jason at the vocal helm, and the new material proves that Chris Carabba might just end up being "the fifth Beatle" of this band.

Even though I was personally disappointed at the turnout, those of us who ventured out on the incredibly rainy, humid, hot as all shit night were well rewarded with a rock show for the ages.