Chuck Ragan / Dan Adriano / Austin Lucas - Live in Chicago (Cover Artwork)

Chuck Ragan / Dan Adriano / Austin Lucas

Live in Chicago (2012)

live show

Going into this Revival Tour experience, I really did not know what to expect. Little did I know I was going to be in for one of the most fun concert experiences I've ever had, which is saying a lot since I go to shows all the time. I'm glad I called the venue early in the day for set times and was informed that there are no set times; acts would be going on and off all throughout the night.

The show started with a rousing set of Chuck Ragan, Dan Andriano, Nathanial Rateliff, Austin Lucasand Cory Branan, who were accompanied by a fiddle player and a stand up bass player. You could already tell this night was going to be a lot of fun. After a few songs, this large group departed the stage and announced a special guest who's name I at first did not catch. This special guest started to play and I immediately recognized the song. It was "Eleven to Your Seven" by Hey Mercedes. Turns out the special guest was Bob Nanna. He then went into a second song which I didn't recognize but am assuming was by either Braid or Friction. His third and final song was a track from his the City on Film project.

Next up was Lucas, who was folk/country and very talented. Great songs and winning personality that won the crowd over. He was followed by Rateliff who was more of the same, but with not quite as much personality. Good songs nonetheless. Branan followed and was an absolute wildman. Fast and energetic folk/country music was Branan's forte and boy did he bring it! The crowd was completely sold and clapping along to songs they didn't even know.

The audience went wild for the special guest who was brought up next--Tim McIlrath of Rise Against fame. He played three songs. One new one, a cover of a song from the Killing Tree, which was suggested by an audience member, and finally a Pegboy cover in which he brought out Ragan to accompany. My cries for Jawbreaker's "Tour Song" were shot down with a "You can get that one on iTunes, let's do something different!"

Ragan was next and brought exactly what you would expect. He was made to be leading these folk songs alongside a fiddle, stand up bass and, for a few songs, even a mandolin. He had incredible stage presence as always. Ragan was followed by Andriano, who opened with "Blue Carolina" from Alkaline Trio's Good Mourning album which had the whole crowd singing along. He also played the Trio songs "Fine" and "I Was a Prayer," among others, and sprinkled in some of his own songs as well. You could see Andriano beaming up on stage and was genuinely sad that this was his last night on the Revival Tour. The passion he put up on stage was very evident and you could tell how much he appreciated the other artists as well.

The night ended with about six numbers from the entire ensemble that was seen throughout the night. The party was all out by this point. I was even getting chills up my spine. Everyone was clapping along and everyone onstage was having the time of their lives. You could get a sense they all loved playing music together. It was even funny seeing McIlrath up there giving some unfamiliar songs a try with Lucas whispering lyrics in his ears before they came. Overall, a perfect night. My only disappointment was that I missed so many other previous Revival Tours. Never again.