Agatha - Agatha [12-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Agatha [12-inch] (2012)

Rumbletowne Records

On the group's latest release, an eight-song self-titled full-length, Agatha grinds and howls quite thoroughly. This is a band that specializes in dissonant, passionate punk, with a healthy dose of wired, post-punk tightness and energy. Definitely recommended for fans of Bikini Kill, KASMs and Shoppers, Agatha has got a real romper stomper here.

"Sissy Dang" kicks off the record with a wee bit of feedback before the band kicks in full force. Lead singer Kaelen Quintero shouts with all her might while the band thrashes around her. The drums and guitars are nice ‘n' noisy, but it's that bassy low end that gives the song weight. Ultimately, Agatha is carried by bass.

The flipside to all that energy is that, well, Agatha doesn't switch up its attack all that much. I suppose this kind of criticism is somewhat inherent in punk compositions, and therefore almost beside the point, but it bears repeating: I hope you like getting knocked out over and over by these songs. Agatha has one setting: Go forward as quickly as possible.

Then again, it helps that Agatha is only eight tracks long. The band gets in and out before things get too tedious, and there's something to be said for knowing when too much of a good thing is gonna ruin everything. As is, Agatha is raw slab of punk rock, political without being preachy, dissonant without being formless. These songs are tightly wound (post-)punk little ditties, it's this cross between chaos and focus that makes the record such a success.