Fear Of Lipstick - Fear Of Lipstick (Cover Artwork)

Fear Of Lipstick

Fear Of Lipstick (2010)

It's Alive Records

I remember precisely when I started listening to Fear Of Lipstick. It was a thread at a punk forum where there's a thread about punk rock and the usual "punx" crew making fun of pop-punk and how they're all a bunch of "fake faggot whiny losers" and how it's destroying the spirit of punk or something like that.

So naturally, I was in the pop-punk side of the fence and did my round of defending pop-punk, which earned me a few insults about my sexuality, how I'm not a true punk because I think the Exploited is a shit band (it is) and how I don't dress punk, but luckily a few other guys stood up and said how they too, prefer pop-punk to the other drivel that they're calling punk, and how some of their favorite bands are actually pop-punk without them realizing it. On that thread, one guy posted an embedded YouTube video for a Fear Of Lipstick's "Correction Facility" which I immediately liked.

Without long, I searched for their bandcamp, and luckily enough, they chose the strongest songs in the album for streaming purposes. I knew then I would at least need to listen to the whole thing before I could decide, and one CD order later (sorry, I still don't have a vinyl player) only then could I listen to the whole thing.

Well, it's a good blend of punk rock and power pop, that's for sure. And the songs are solid. While "Just For A Moment" is a good song, it's only when "Way Things Turned Out" that the album starts picking up momentum. This album has its ups and downs, some have really good, catchy songs, but some are just OK. But overall, it's a pretty good album. It might not be a classic, but it's melodic, catchy, fun and instantly addictive, and for some reason it also reminds me of '90s pop-punk.

It's worth buying in my opinion. And while you're at their bandcamp, get "Seasons" as well. That one's free.