Jawbreaker - Etc. (Cover Artwork)
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Etc. (2002)


"You don't know, what I'm all about,
like killing cops and reading Kerouac"

I. Introduction

The question is not if you should buy Etc., but why you haven't already. I'll skip the discussion of how Jawbreaker managed to evolve throughout it's career, or how they managed to make each idea they tried sound fresh, even if it was building on at least two decades of music.

Etc. is such a great record, because unlike most collections of unreleased material, assembled posthumously, it's easy to recommend to people who have never heard the band before.

From the opener, "Shield Your Eyes" to the re-recorded "Boxcar" which closes the record, this 70 minute record manages to catch the evolution of a truly inspiring band; from Gilman Street punks, to post-punk pioneers; from the raw, raspy material from Unfun to the heartache and poetry of Dear You.


"Coloring Outside Your Guidelines"

II. So What's the Big Deal?

Jawbreaker was melodic, raw, catchy, and fierce, while remaining lyrically obtuse, and musically dense. Most people, upon hearing Unfun or Bivouac couldn't get past the noise, and hear the delicate sound underneath. Ironically, on Dear You, most people couldn't heard past Blake's post-throat surgery, post-rasp vocals and hear the noise. Either way - and I've heard this a lot - they were too loud, or too soft. But see, that's what is so riveting about their stuff. It was always too something; nothing was ever half-assed.


"It'll be a happy song, not unlike some other ones"

III. Ok, How Does It Sound?

As I said, the record covers a long career, from early independent demos, to major label production,, so frankly, it varies. If I could find a failing with the sound, it's that the music is jarring in the tonal shifts. The only fault I found with this record, was that it lacked the coherency of records like 24 Hour Revenge Therapy which seemed to flow from track to track. Though, that's to be expected from a B-Sides collection, so it's hardly a real disappointment. If anything, it reminded me to dig out all my old Jawbreaker records and have a marathon.


"1-2-3-4 Who's Punk, What's the Score?"

IV. Jawbreaker isn't punk.

Whatever dude.


"Some words keep speaking when you close the book."

V. Conclusion

A collection of unreleased tracks, that serves both as a gift to fans, and a worth introduction to newcomers.