Come To Get Her - Life So Changing (Cover Artwork)
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Come To Get Her

Life So Changing (2011)


Come To Get Her is a four-piece from the city of Minsk, the capital of Belarus, an Eastern European country landlocked by Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia. Geography lesson over, this is the first band from that country I have ever heard so I am not sure it if is representative of any punk rock scene to be found in Belarus. But it's really good to know that there is something going on over there.

This seven-track DIY release clearly shows that the band is influenced by the more melodic-sounding punk rock from around the globe and this is what Come To Get Her has endeavored to reproduce in the songs written by the band members.

What is immediately evident is the quality of Evgeny Lyssy's vocals. His voice maintains an almost laid back and well enunciated delivery throughout, yet without it sounding as if it is an affectation or out of place given the upbeat nature of the sound of the band. His mellow tones are complemented perfectly when second guitarist, Juliya Gushchenskova, pitches in with her vocals which are also of a slightly understated and almost hypnotic persuasion. With two highly listenable voices, the music is of above average quality and features a strong and interesting guitar sound. Overall it is all extremely well played and executed. The end result is that the songs are all enjoyable, apart from one exception being "Waiting For The Sunrise," which doesn't really do anything for me with its acoustic emphasis. This track marks the only time that the vocals do not come across that well.

The highlights of the seven tracks would be "Be My Dream" and "Can't Let You Go," both for their up tempo catchiness and excellent dual vocals, along with "19:12," which has quite an epic feel to it.

As we all know the term "melodic punk" can be stretched in many different ways encompassing any number of styles these days, but, to qualify its usage here, I'd tend to say Come To Get Her is in the Samiam camp with maybe a bit of Foo Fighters from a more commercial-sounding angle. Overall, this is a surprisingly good debut and I'll certainly be checking out any future releases from the band.

Life So Changing is available for free via Bandcamp or as a CD direct from the band.