Youth Brigade - Sink with Kalifornija (Cover Artwork)

Youth Brigade

Sink with Kalifornija (1994)


Youth Brigade, the most important SoCal band that not too many people know about. From running Skinhead Manor, owning Godzilla's, and starting the BYO, they were already well known and helpful to the growing LA punk scene. The Stern brothers were able to do all this, and start a band, a really good one at that. This cd is a compilation of the second version of the "Sound and Fury" LP (the first one being aborted and later re-released as "Out Of Print"), the "What Price Happiness" 7 inch, and live tracks from the band's last show (untill the early 90's) at Fenders Ballroom in 1985.

The album starts off with "Sink With California" and "Modest Proposal" which set the tone for the majority of the LP, straight up punk rock. "Men In Blue (Part 1)" starts off like your typical punk rock song, but after about 3 minutes, it turns into an attempt at early rap. Very funny to listen to, with 3 white guys from southern California trying to rap. From this, the band goes back into familiar territory with "Sound and Fury" and "Fight to Unite" (my favorite Brigade song). Every song is a standout track, especially "What Are You Figthing For" and "You Don't Understand", but i can not go into detail about all of them. "Jump Back" sounds a little like a pirate's drinking song (if that makes any sense), and "Duke of Earl" is a Doo-wop song, no way around it. A very fufilling album, and there is still much more to go.

The "What Price happiness" 7 inch, from 1985 is next, with 3 songs. All the songs deal with serious issues, meaning no more pirate songs. There is a definate progression from the LP to this. The songs are more intricate, plus the production is clearer. Very well done, but lacking the energy of the LP.

Lastly, there are 9 live tracks, which are all extremely well executed. Hearing the crowd singing along with songs such as "Sink with California", "Men In Blue", and "Jump Back".

It may take awhile for this compilation to grow on you, but once it does you will love it just as much as I do.