Kabul Golf Club - Le Bal Du Rat Mort (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Kabul Golf Club

Le Bal Du Rat Mort (2012)

Uproar For Veneration

Hailing from Belgium, Kabul Golf Club specializes in a special, off-kilter kind of hardcore. Coming off like a cross between Blood Brothers and Touché Amoré, only, ya know, European, the band's new EP Le Bal Du Rat Mort welds crushing noise to nightmarish guitars. The strings sound like they're about to snap at any moment, but it's these weird tunings that lend the EP an otherwordly, original presence.

"Bits of Freedom" kicks off the EP, and it establishes what makes KGC interesting up front, from the screamed vocals to the cavernous drums to the squealing guitars. It also establishes an important guideline to enjoying KGC: Their best songs are under three minutes long. Once they surpass 180 seconds, as they do on "Minus 45," things get a little repetitive.

However, the EP recovers nicely with "Fast Moving Consumer Goods," which adds a slower groove to let listeners sink deeper into the murky depths. "5 Minutes 2 Midnight" feels like filler, though. It's loud and rocking, but it doesn't match the intensity of closing track "Demon Days." That's the song the band is pushing hard, and it's easy to see why. "Demon Days" shows the group at its best. Best screams. Best guitar intro. Best everything. It's a great way to close out the record, ensuring many a repeat listen. Hardcore is one of the genres that best lends itself to breaking down language barriers; the lyrics don't matter so much as the energy, although KGC usually sings in English anyway.