Tenement - Taking Everything [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Taking Everything [7-inch] (2011)

Toxic Pop Records

Wisconsin punk/indie rock act Tenement deals in catchy, garage-leaning rock tunes, and that's exactly what listeners get on Taking Everything, a sort of companion seven-inch to the band's recently released Blind Wink full-length. Boasting three new tunes and a throwaway psych jam, it's a tasty lil EP.

"Paper Airplanes" opens the seven-inch with a harmonized bang. Recalling '90s acts like Lemonheads, Sugar and Teenage Fanclub, only, ya know, faster, this trick is a real romper stomper. It's just so infectious, so rocking, so… fun. "Taking Everything" slows the pace down a bit, but it's still mighty melodious. The members in Tenement can certainly play, but it's their vocal arrangements that really sell the band's songs. Things never veer into flashy diva territory, but Tenement certainly knows how to showcase some prowess with a microphone here.

"Daylight World" is the only real song on the B-side, but that's A-OK. It doesn't quite capture the same urgency as "Paper Airplanes," though, which would be a shame if the harmonies and guitar solo here didn't rule faces. This one is short but sweet, like a sugar rush. "Jesse's Poem" closes out the seven-inch with warped vocals and not much else. It's a bum track, one that doesn't warrant more than one listen. Still, considering Taking Everything was released nearly concurrently with Blind Wink, it's a wonder there was this much solid material around to begin with. "Jesse's Poem" aside, the rest of the seven-inch is a winner, one that should score plenty of mini-dance parties.