Irrelevant - Reflecting and Refracting (Cover Artwork)


Reflecting and Refracting (2001)


Sydney's hardcore scene over the past few years has become very promising indeed. This small corner of the world has the ability to produce some bands that match it with anything coming from the States, or anywhere else for that matter, yet the underground feel, the thrity people if that showing up to a gig, the rawness of it all has a charm that cannot be ignored.

Irrelevant have been around for a few years now, usually playing small shows at local hardcore venues, working and touring hard, gradually building upm a strong fan base. Signed to hardcore-exclusive label Resist, the band has come a long way from it's humble beginings.

Their most recent release, Reflecting and refracting is a six-track EP that is definitley one of the most intense twenty or so minutes on CD. Self described as a cross between Raised Fist and Fugazi, the end result is a melodic hardcore sound not dissimilar to Boysetsfire, yet with more angst and a more authentic hardcore edge.

The opener, 'After Words' is a song that sticks in your head for days, even more so if you happen to catch the live version. Hard and fast, it is clear why this band is begining to get the kudos it deserve around the Sydney area. 'This word is theirs' showcases the simple-yet-effective lyrical talent frontman Damian has, "And we lie / as they lie / Turn the stained side down and the message we receieve". The closer, 'A Deeper shade of Hate' suitably closes out the disc, a brutal, fast paced aural assault that leaves you more than keen to head out and see the highly touted live show.

I strongly advise you check out this group, and discover the hardcore talent Australia has. Check them at Resist Records, along with some other Aussie bands .