Dogjaw - Slow to Build [12-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Slow to Build [12-inch] (2012)

Rumbletowne Records

Rumbletowne continues to chronicle Olympia, Wa.'s punk scene with the latest release from Dogjaw, Slow to Build. It's very much in the raw style of punk heard on the label's other releases, but with a sludgy undercurrent popping up every so often. With a couple of pop-punk leaning cuts thrown in too, Slow to Build ends up sounding like a smorgasbord.

Slow to Build is primarily a punk rock record. It's a little grainy production wise, but white noise is still noise. It's also ever so slightly adventurous technically. It's not prog rock, but Dogjaw occasionally throw in nice little interludes of dissonance and jamming to shake up all the screaming. While they're not exactly High on Fire, the members in Dogjaw still provide some contrast to all the fast ‘n' furious bits, balancing out Slow to Build as a whole. Not that the record could ever be called "boring;" music this passionate just keeps going.

The downside to all these shifts is that Dogjaw also cultivates a jack of all trades/master of none vibe. Yeah, they can get dissonant ‘n' sludgy, but wouldn't you rather just listen to the new records from Torche and 16? Same goes for the punk rock/pop-punk elements. Dogjaw throws out a hook every so often, but not nearly enough to satisfy those looking for a sugar rush. The qualities that give Dogjaw crossover appeal in different subgenres might work against the band as well.

Still, this is top notch noise. Glorious noise. RIYL Bridge and Tunnel, Helms Alee, Agatha and, weirdly enough, early Pixies.