Git Some - Git Some [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Git Some

Git Some [7-inch] (2012)

Alternative Tentacles

Following 2010's Loose Control, the hardcore/metal/rock trio Git Some return a little nastier, and a lot more jagged on their new self-titled seven-inch.

The release chooses to split the band's influences and objectives neatly across either side of the record. The A side features "Exhaustion = Feracity" and "Wipe the Brain," both tracks that show Git Some's hardcore leanings. The band cuts through two relatively short tracks that are energetic, but fierce. Vocalist Lucas Fairchild screams with venom, but much like the earliest hardcore, he retains enough humanity in his voice that the calls have timbre and depth, as opposed to throat-shredding screaming. But, the music is based around Chuck French's guitar work. Like his Planes Mistaken for Stars songs, French's licks are raw and nasty, but have the sophistication and technique of classic rockers. The combination of the mean with the masterful gives the songs a punk-jazz feel, in that they are brutish, but sloppily precise.

"Accountability Starts With Me," on the flip side, shows the band's metal, and almost prog leanings. Black Flag comparisons are often linked to this band and while the connection might be a little too easy to make, there is a certain similarity between the groups. Like Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn, French doesn't seem content to bang out three chords after three other chords, but instead, keeps the music energetic, while mixing in stoner rock, mountainous riffs. The effect is not unlike a mixing of Damaged and The Process of Weeding Out.

But, certainly, Git Some isn't just a Black Flag tribute. Really, the bands sound little like each other, but the dedication to musical exploration within a framework of danger is present in both bands. Plus, both groups have just a hint of jazz rhythm and timing. It will be very interesting to see if the band continues to separate its metal and punk sides, or if it will merge them together into a nastier, more explosive hybrid.