Daytrader - 12 Years (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


12 Years (2012)


So there are many critics of Rise Records and their signings recently. Let's not split hairs. Daytrader has been impressive in their shorts stints on EPs such as Last Days of Rome and past demos. Many waited to see what they would offer on their first LP and if you're into Jimmy Eat World and the Menzingers, this may just be the record for you.

"Dead Friends" and "If You Need It" open the album solidly and it's a nice blend of punk with post-hardcore. Daytrader is obviously giving a valiant effort and its hard work is rewarded. If you don't agree, take in "Firebreather." This is the album's mercurial track, with a hint of nostalgia and a sense of altruism. To kick ass with a track so endearing and moving is a feat well played. The first half of the album is the most potent and it wouldn't be a Daytrader record if you didn't get that visceral peering stab into the soul. The poignant irony, grit and determination of the band is well churned into songs of sorrow, agony and redemption, such as on "Skin and Bones."

It's a soundtrack to teenage adolescence and there's that theme where growing old is getting old. There's also a sublime piece of work conjured in "Lost Between the Coasts." I'd be damn proud if I could concoct that piece of artistry. It's nice to hear about lovers' trysts and rendezvous without that trite, abstract and cliched lyric set. Here, it's plain and straightforward...heart and soul.

12 Years isn't filled with drivel, but more a calloused yet touching, emotional set of soothing messages. There are classy tones and a nice warm, elegant feel on the heartfelt tracks such as "Heard It In a Song." Some may not revere it but I can see this record on replay for some time. If you don't think you'd adhere to it, give it a second go. I'm sure it'll grow on you. The latter half loses the plot a bit, but it doesn't sound that bad. In fact, it's good, but compared to the first half of the record, you feel some steam lost. Overall, it's very much worth a go. If you wanted them to deliver, count this as just that.