Jud Jud - XTHE DEMOSX [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)

Jud Jud

XTHE DEMOSX [7-inch] (1997)

No Idea

COMIN' STRAIGHT OUTTA HAHDCOAH, Jud Jud are youth crew lifers and the real fucking deal. Before they signed to Victory, No Idea released their grimy, straight from the gutter demo on a seven-inch, appropriately called XTHE DEMOSX.

You want breakdowns? They got them. You want positivity? They got that. I may be an alcoholic with a battered liver, but I've decided to change my ways after listening to their straight edge anthems of positivity. I've embraced the PMA and it's never felt better.

Numbers like "Gallop Song" make me want to open a fucking pit up right there in my foyer, and the closer, "Turn Around Song," has probably the best written lyrics in the history of youth crew. I won't spoil that by posting them here. You need to find out for yourself just how much your dome is going to get blown. Let's just say Vinny Stigma or Scott Vogel might seem like less than poetic in comparison.

I cannot recommend this seven-inch more. Over the course of nine blistering tracks, they laid down a foundation for hardcore's future. If you miss out on this release, you're missing out on a part of punk rock history. It's out of print, but spending vast sums of money on eBay for something that lasts eight minutes is what being a fan of hardcore is all about. Now let's see some motherfucking stage dives.