95-C - Stuck In The Past (Cover Artwork)


Stuck In The Past (2008)


"Stuck In The Past" was written and recorded independently in 2008, and after a first listen reminds me immediately of early '90s melodic punk bands, such as Samiam or Burning Heads (French punk mainstay). And surprisingly, for a first full-length, the album is nicely recorded and produced and gives you a good kick.

Honestly, when I first listened to the album, it didn't sound like anything special. But after a few listens, the catchy guitar riffs, fast and precised drumming and the choppy style of singing really sank in. It's one of those albums that takes a few listens, and gets better every time. Kind of a mix between the two bands mentioned earlier, Bouncing Souls' anthemic catchy songwriting style and Hot Water Music's intricate riffs.

It kicks off with "Sunday Morning," which for me is one of my least favorite songs on the album, but is more than made up for with songs like "You Against I," "Endless Night" and "Stay Away From Me." Saw them in concert and I can say that the energy is very well transposed onto the album. Very promising for a first full-length.