My Pet Monster - Trudy Suprstar EP (Cover Artwork)
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My Pet Monster

Trudy Suprstar EP (2012)

Video Noise Recordings

Wales (a small country often confused as being a part of England by our American cousins) is renowned for being the land of song, where choirs meet on street corners to regale locals with hymns and arias, boosting the spirits of a nation that is frequently viewed as an adjunct to their neighbors across Offa's Dyke. My Pet Monster hails from Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, although listening to the five tracks on this EP, I get the impression that perhaps they'd much rather be living on the West Coast of the U.S.A., as the "noise-pop" delivered has a quality that, despite having a basis in bands such as the Jesus and Mary Chain and Dinosaur Jr, also makes me consider the Beach Boys as likely musical influences.

"Noise-pop" is an interesting moniker to apply to this quartet, as from the recorded output of My Pet Monster I'd certainly challenge the first word in that description, although I'd certainly endorse the second word. Perhaps it's a case of the live experience enhancing the nosier elements of the music, but on this EP the fuzzed up music creates quite a warm and welcoming sound that allows the pop element to come through via the additionally fuzzed up, whispered vocals delivered over catchy tunes that, for me, create that West Coast feel noted above.

Remarkably, the title track, which is the last on the CD, is the weakest song on the EP, as it seems to lack any cohesion or hook that I can get my head to accept as one to get caught up on. Fortunately though there are four decent tracks here, all with the required hooks to draw me in with a warm, poppy embrace. I'd plump for "Dawn Bug" and "[Citation Needed]" as the highlights here, as they seem to have more of a lasting impression on me but both "Destroy All Monsters" and "School II" have their merits.

Not a bad release and one which might garner some interest from those who like a more poppy tune now and again.