Thrashington D.C. - Let Your Body Talk (Cover Artwork)

Thrashington D.C.

Let Your Body Talk (2009)


This is one of those albums where 14 songs clock in at 18 minutes. Thrashington D.C. formed in 2005 in Brest, France, but sounds like it could have crawled out a L.A. or Washington D.C. basement in the early '80s. The band has been applauded as one of the best (and only) current hardcore punk bands in the French scene.

This release, however DIY and scratchy it may be, is slicker and more polished than their first release, To Live And Die In B.M.O.. The songs are overall more powerful, the guitar is thicker and the drums are more present and have an overall better sound. My album favorite would be "O.D. On Hardcore," a fast-as-fuck, in your face, hardcore punk anthem. Another notable song is "We Walk In Line," an aggressive track reminiscent of early Poison Idea or Minor Threat. Many of the songs feature guitar solos perfectly fitting to the genre : fast and straightfoward. The album seems to have a lot less gang vocals than the previous record, which really added a certain atmosphere and power to the record and could have been a big extra for Let Your Body Talk.

This album is, in all, what you'd expect it to be: a quarter of an hour-long, no bullshit, fast and loud record. Maybe the sound of this record has been heard loads of times before, but it doesn't seem to matter. The band has energy that is missing from many punk bands today, and that energy and anger blares through your speakers as you listen to this album. Overall a decent album, for fans of Black Flag, Minor Threat or any other '80s hardcore band.