The Max Levine Ensemble - Goes to Jail (Cover Artwork)

The Max Levine Ensemble

Goes to Jail (2002)


[note: I can't find the cover art anywhere, so I used this cheesy photo from their webpage. If anyone wants to scan the cover and send it to, you would rule. - Scott]

Among one of the best bands to emerge from DC´s none Dischord/Post Punk scene, The Max Levine Ensemble (TMLE for short) plays great punk rock. They rock out with an obvious passion for what they do, and to give the kids one hell of a show.

Though the average age of the band hovers probably around the 18 mark, the band plays songs that show a wisdom far beyond their years. Taking on "Rock and Roll Assholes", the political establishment, and one bad assed cover of "Leroy Brown", TMLE get it done a sweet 27 minutes. Lead singer/ guitarist David "Spoonboy" Combs shows a knack for not only bitting observations, seen in tracks like "Leopard Print Girl" and "Dittography", but for intelligent political observations as well ("Tidal Wave", "Hollow Words"). Their horn player, Alex Mazer, also stands out on his own songs like "Stop" and "The Highly Effective Love Song".

Whether TMLE has what it takes (and I think they do) to take it to more people remains to be seen. Rumours have it that the band will be breaking up as members go off to college. However, the bottom line remains, if you´re a fan of catchy, quick witted pop/punk (with a horn!) that doesn´t require fart jokes to make it good, than The Max Levine Ensemble is for you.