Hellbats - One Minute Suicide (Cover Artwork)


One Minute Suicide (2009)

Kicking Records

Hellbats' 2009 effort, One Minute Suicide, seems to be one of those albums that could be considered as a "rock n' roll explosion." It doesn't really fit into any one genre, but mixes hardcore punk with psychobilly and hard rock to create a very powerful genre all of its own. The band started off as just a psychobilly band, and over time evolved into a more varied and original sound.

Hellbats mix sudden bursts of speed, classic rock n' roll guitar riffs and solos, a loud shouty lead voice and near-hardcore breakdowns. This originality is most visible on songs such as "Kiss The Viper." The album kicks off with "A Beautiful Death," which quietly builds up into a fast, catchy hardcore-influenced song, and powers on with personal favorites like "Live To Love You" and 'Captain Of My Ship." The album closes with "State Of Grace," an instrumental, hypnotic, pounding, slow song. This last track's sound seems to have stoner influences and pretty much resumes the whole mood of the album and all the different sounds that make Hellbats such an original band.

The production level of the album is a good as it can be for a small label, nice and clean and punchy. This group deserves a good rating just for its originality; a poisonous concoction of psychobilly, hardcore punk and hard rock. Overall the songs on the rcord are decent, well constructed and catchy, but it's a shame that no songs stick out as great or incredible songs. Still, a decent album, and certainly a glimmer of hope in this world of repeated riffs and boring rock n' roll.