The Dwarves - Live at Pouzza Fest (Cover Artwork)

The Dwarves

Live at Pouzza Fest (2012)

live show

The Sainte Catherines being done for, I guess Hugo Mudie needed something else to do with his time. With tattoos like that, I guess you have no choice but to stay in the punk scene. I mean come on, would you trust a guy like that to flip your burgers? The aforementioned badass motherfucker organized the badassest punk festival this side of badassness (badassery?). Weird, as doing stuff is so not punk rock. I must admit that I didn't know a lot of the bands playing over the weekend. I guess that makes me uncool. Knowing bands nobody has ever heard of is really punk rock. I should return my punk club card.

A band I really wanted to see though was the Dwarves. I always liked Blag Dahlia's persona and HeWhoCannotBeNamed always intrigued me. I heard he's Mexican. But when my friend (who's not into punk rock at all) and I got there about 10 minutes before the beginning of the show, the door man, who was really too skinny to scare anyone, was already telling the 30 people or so at the door that nobody could get in, as it was sold out and the room was small. So we walked around the building and we saw a door that was opened at the back. No security or dogs. My motto is "Always get in through the back door whenever you can" so we snuck in, and the Dwarves were only getting started. That's really punk rock. Hand me back my card, asshole.

I must say, I wasn't disappointed. The songs were fast and rocking. HeWhoCannotBeNamed wasn't playing guitar, but he actually showed up in the middle of the show and did some body surfing before heading back to the shadows where he belongs. The Dwarves don't have any breaks between songs, and it's cool like that. I don't expect musicians to be wannabe comedians who tell the same lame jokes for 10 years. I'm looking at you Fat Mike! People were really drunk (I probably was a little tipsy myself) and the pit was... well my memory of it is kinda blurry, but I can still remember a lot of people flying all over the room and some monkeys.

I was really disappointed that the show was that short though. Not even 1 hour! I read somewhere that Dwarves' shows were short, but I kinda expected them to give more of a fuck than that. They didn't even want to come back for an encore, even though every punk in the audience was asking for it. But considering I didn't pay, I thought it was awesome, especially since the venue (the Katacombes) is one of the punkest in Montreal.