Campaign - One Night Weekend [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick


One Night Weekend [7-inch] (2012)

No Breaks Records / Dick Party

The hits keep coming in spurts from Georgia's favorite melodic hardcore band, Campaign. While a full-length still proves elusive, One Night Weekend at least delivers two more super catchy, super throaty jams from a band that's proven pretty reliable at this sort of thing. Maybe it's the format's brevity, but this 7-inch might boast Campaign's best two songs to date.

"No Friend of Mine" opens the 7-inch. It's another in a long line of drunk punk anthems, but the insistent vocals, propulsive music and playful rhyme scheme prop up what should be a stereotypical track. It's one of those fun songs with depressing lyrics, which science tells us make for the best dichotomies.

"Keep Walking" is another winner. I'm such a sucker for oceanic references, so the lines "Even the best can't wheel and deal with death / So get your cold bones to the sea / That's where you'll find me" hooked me in right away. Stylistically, it's up there with "No Friend of Mine." It's more throaty drunk punk on par with the Holy Mess, maybe Dillinger Four.

What complaints to be had against Campaign are slight and applicable to most of the band's discography. A full-length sure would hit the spot. Stylistically, the group hasn't grown so much as gotten tighter at a particular sound. While Campaign operates in a genre that's a little crowded right now, few show such promise. They're essentially the Holy Mess right before Red Scare right now.