Mean Jeans / Hollywood - Split [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Mean Jeans / Hollywood

Split [7-inch] (2011)

Big Neck Records

Man, Means Jeans are awesome. Their new album is awesome. Everything is great. And oh hey, they put out a split a little while back with Hollywood. I don't really know anything about them, but if they're cool with Mean Jeans, then they're cool with me.

There are two things thematically binding this split: A deep love of the pop punx and parentheses in the titles. Mean Jeans go first with "(Let's Go B4 I Blow My) Brains Out." If you thought On Mars wasn't Ramonesy enough, "Brains" is a reminder that Mean Jeans can and will write crackerjack surf punk jams. That's probably why "Brains" wasn't saved for Mars, seeing as it's way more reminiscent of the band's older material.

Hollywood has more of a snarling, slinking, almost garage rock approach. "(I Prefer) Drugs" pretty much sums itself up neatly with its title, but it helps that the band packs the track with energy and attitude. They're no Mean Jeans, but who is? Besides the Ramones, I mean.

Ultimately, this split is super duper short (kind of like this review…). It's but a mere two songs, but it still satisfies that pop punk sweet spot. Besides, any excuse to give Mean Jeans props is welcome.