Silver Lizard - Tales of Lost Tails (Cover Artwork)

Silver Lizard

Tales of Lost Tails (2011)


South Western Australia is home to the lads from Silver Lizard. Staples in punk rock in the area since the early 90s, they finally started a band… only two decades too late. Their record Tales of Lost Tails follows on from their 2009 demo. With only eight real tracks on the record it comes in at a very short 25 minutes. These 25 minutes are jam packed, however, with a mid-'90s melodic/skate/hardcore sound reminiscent of Pennywise and Strung Out as well as more local acts like Bodyjar and Four Disorder.

One stand out track, "Jan 26," features blood curdling vocals from front man Tim Howe and when he breaks into "A day of celebration spreading filth across the nation," it can be scary at times. The anger shown at the bogan pride and racism that comes to head on Australia's national day is ferocious.

"Thankyou Hollywood" (an ode of sorts to popular fashion and greed) and "Brother" (about family bonds that run deep) show their influences nicely with a great mix of individuality thrown in for good measure. They also pay homage to a local punk rock charity night in the song "Fungalore." An event where all proceeds raised go to a local charity and also an event where all are welcome, violence and degradation is inadmissible and people come to have fun. The song also shows the band's ability to slow things down a little and the versatility is sure to add a little break to their fast paced set of songs.

The album covers topics and issues inclusive of the local scene, racism, growing up, family ties, consumerism and religion. It is fast paced and recorded well with good production input. When the listener is encouraged to "dance motherfuckers come on!" it's hard not to want to do so. For fans of anything '90s, plus Strung Out, Pennywise, Ignite with a little Black Flag thrown in for good measure.