Death By Steamship - Facetious [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Death By Steamship

Facetious [7-inch] (2012)

Whoa! Boat Records

Setting aside that it's hilariously awesome that Death By Steamship's label is called Whoa! Boat Records, the group's new release Facetious is a solid dance punk affair. Boasting three songs and a joke radio broadcast, this 7" promises some post-punky fun for all.

That said, the world Death By Steamship lives in sure does sound gross and/or populated by jerks. "Smoke and Sweat" declares "I wanna smoke and sweat / Live life with minimal regrets / I wanna bounce and hop / Shake my ass until they make me stop." Propelled by a gnarly guitar riff ‘n' danceable drum beat, it's a catchy ditty, but I'm fairly certain the narrator smells like butts mixed with more butts.

"You Need a Super, Special, Specialized, Specialist" is about dealing with scene kids (r.e. - pricks). The track between the two, "Dirty Venetian Blinds," just so happens to bridge the two, to the extent that it's about stinky places and jerkfaces. So, there's that.

To be honest, I don't really relate to songs about scene politics anymore. But it sounds like Death By Steamship is fighting against the tyranny of squares and fascists, so good for them. Facetious offers a brief taste of the band's songwriting, but hopefully there's more to come.