Blink-182 - Cheshire Cat (Cover Artwork)


Cheshire Cat (1995)


I got into Blink 182 the first time I heard "What's my Age Again" on the radio. I know, that was when I was young and naive and totally into pop punk. I bought Enema of the State and I thought Blink 182 was the shit. I decided that I had to get all of their albums. The first time I listened to Cheshire Cat, I was in for a surprise. This wasn't the same Blink 182 who recored Enema of the State. Dare I say, this version of Blink 182 was (gasp) much better.

Every song on this album is fast, musically impressive, and very powerful. It grabs you from the start with "Carousel" (Blink's alltime best) and doesn't let go until the end. Some of Blink's infamous humor is displayed in songs like "Depends" (an ode to undergarments), "Does My Breath Smell" ("why do they always kick me in the groin when a come near?"), and "Just About Done" (a bunch of guys running around screaming). Other standouts include "M&M's", "Peggy Sue", and "Toast and Banana's". This is one of the only albums in my collection where I like just about every song.

After listening to this one, I saw the error of my ways, and soon realized how bad Enema of the State really was. But every now and then, I'll put this one in my CD player and wish Blink was still this good. For all of you "punk purists" dont' dismiss Cheshire Cat just because it says Blink 182 on the front. One listen and you'll surely love it. And for all of you who love songs like "All the Small Things" and "The Rock Show", one listen to this and I guarantee you'll change your ways.