Near Miss - The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies (Cover Artwork)

Near Miss

The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies (2002)


For those of you who didn't know Near Miss is made up of two ex BigWig members Jeremy and Max. Jeremy has taken over singing and rhythm guitar duties and Max has taken over on drums instead of playing bass like in BigWig.

The cd starts off with a great opening song called "This Bridge" The song is very fast and will remind you a little bit of BigWig. With fast palm muting and speedy drumming. Max really is a great drummer I was suprised. Jeremy's vocals are very soothing and clean sounding.

The next song "Walk Away" Is a little more poppy then the last one but still maintains speed and a great chorus.

Let Go is very poppy in the vein of Humble Beginnings or Midtown. The song is still enjoyable though and flows right into the next song "Answers" which is easily one of the best songs on this cd with great lyrics hard hitting cords and fast pace drumming and even throws in some screaming at the end.

Some of the other highlight songs are Everything and Everyone, the Game, Seasons, and the Gentle Art.

This cd is a great blend of melodic hardcore and pop-punk anthems. I highly recommend this cd to anyone who likes BigWig, Humble Beginnings, Midtown, Good Riddance, or just music in general. Great cd.