JTT - JTT [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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JTT [7-inch] (2012)

Secret Pennies

The new self-titled 7" from JTT manages to hit many sweet spots at once. Folksy without resorting to folk-punk clichés. Throaty like Dropkick Murphys without the Irish heritage fixation. Lil bit of a Replacements vibe without blatantly ripping off the Replacements. In other words, it sounds like a drunk-punk, but it talks about things other than being A) drunk and B) punk.

"Collapsible" opens the four-song set, and it's arguably the catchiest of the tracks. It's one of those "I gotta fly straight" kind of songs, something that's hammered home by the oft-repeated chorus: "Won't wait around here forever." The band fires off with just the right amount of desperation, selling the song. It renders the other A-side cut, "Letter Home," almost forgettable through sheer exertion.

The B-side switches the winners around. "Lies" is another solid punky country tune, but it's the bluegrassy stomper "Anonymous" that lingers. The bass drum beats out time as guitars tear themselves apart, all while the vocalist shreds his voice asserting "Wear the scars the best you can / Hold them up and make your presence known." While the 7" ultimately proves uneven (two clear winners, two pretty OK tracks), JTT still shows a lot of promise for this Oregon act.