The Offspring - The Offspring (Cover Artwork)

The Offspring

The Offspring (1989)


The Offspring became popular with their breakthrough album Smash and their major 1998 hit "The Kids Aren't Alright," and that is what many believe to be what the Offspring sound like. Most people I know think that is all that Offspring have to offer. The people that think that are very wrong.

The Offspring were a much more amazing band in the past and by far their most spectacular album is the first. I at first disliked their self-titled album (as I along with many believed this wasn't the Offspring's signature sound), accrediting that the music and vocals were recorded horribly, as well as the careless way the songs were played. But now when I listen to the lyrics and guitar work I have to smile.

My favorite on the album is "Beheaded," which is hilarious, as it tells the story of a crazed lunatic who kills his family, girlfriend and random people on the street, this song has some ridiculous lyrics and some very gory moments.

Anyway this CD has a lot of other good songs too like "A Thousand Days," "Jennifer Lost the War," "I'll Be Waiting" and "Tehran." For a great Offspring album, get this one. Just be prepared for it to be a lot more intense and to sound different from the Offspring that is on the radio. Also try the "They Were Born to Kill" bootleg if you like the Offspring's pre-Smash discography