No Weather Talks - Demo (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

No Weather Talks

Demo (2012)


Demos can be produced to a fairly high quality these days and that's the case with these four tracks from this German group, based in Hamburg. Apparently this band counts Samiam as one of their influences and although not in the same ballpark as those longstanding Californians, it's obvious to see the melodic inspiration the Americans have had on their German fans here. This is more a case of the music being indie rock with a hint of pop thrown in rather than a punk feel and with the female vocals; this has quite a melodic and relaxed feel to it.

Opening track "Separation Perfected" is the stand out song on this demo, featuring some catchy hooks and a strong vocal performance too. The opening riff demonstrates the impact Samiam have had on the band, although the song itself does enough to take its own path despite any similarities through the guitar and does so extremely well in that it shows that No Weather Talks have it in them to write some quality material.

With the bar being raised to quite a height by "Separation Perfected," the remaining three tracks never quite manage to reach the same level, although each retains the catchiness that this band have in their arsenal and contribute to a decent release.

This is a good demo (available via Bandcamp) which benefits from having one particularly strong song amongst its ranks and a vocalist that helps the material stand out. I'd certainly like to hear more from this band and see them live if they ever get across to the U.K.