Best Practices - The EP LP [12-inch] (Cover Artwork)

Best Practices

The EP LP [12-inch] (2012)

Tiny Engines

There's already been one album this year that had nine tracks clocking in at a whopping 12 minutes. I'm referring, of course, to Joyce Manor's Of All Things I Soon Will Grow Tired. Unlike a lot of people, I found that the length didn't bother me at all. It was quick, punchy, and to the point. And that's where Best Practices' sound lies: quicker, punchier, and way more aggressive.

The EP LP is a one-sided 12-inch of punk that rests right in between Dillinger Four and Hot Snakes, with a little bit of twinkly emo sneaking in. It's supremely angular and rousing garage rock. No frills here, folks. It's about as concise as you can get, but still incorporates shredding guitars and where it gives up the huge choruses that D4 brought, it's easy enough to find yourself singing along anyway.

If it's not one thing ripping your face off, it's another. The guitar work goes from emo to surf rock to pop punk seamlessly, and the drumming and bass stay right with it, all setting up a perfect background for the vocals. The vocals are all perfect for yelling along with in the car or to a cat or for just sinking into with the stereo cranked to 11. If I had to take a bet, you will end up yelling along with "And you can still come home, because I never left" on "Welcome To Erf" or along with all of "Get Confident, Stupid!"

In this day and age, I rarely pick up an album unless I've downloaded it or listened on Spotify a few times, but this is one I took a gamble on, probably because Tiny Engines has released a ton of great material this year. This release is no exception. If anything, it shows that the label has come a long way and even their more diverse artists are sure bets.

The EP LP is outstanding for being 12 minutes long, and it's a record that lends itself to repeat listens. I'm not sure if you want to call this an EP or an LP, but I'll just call it killer and get on with my day.