Pool Party - Teenage Weirdo [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Pool Party

Teenage Weirdo [7-inch] (2012)

Mooster Records

Miami-based Pool Party are four guys with ridiculous stage names like Hand Gloveless, "Inner" Toobs Malloy, Dick Dumb and Creep Guirdo (at least I'm assuming they're stage names and not real), all of whom have obviously been infected by some kind of Ramones-like bug that has enabled them to concoct four daft ditties that have an undercurrent of Brudda-ly love throughout each song. The pictures of the band on the back cover also indicate that the band members favour a less conventional approach to attire, certainly on stage anyway, adding to the general wackiness surrounding.

Opening with the title track "Teenage Weirdo," a mid-paced song about wanting to smell a girl's hair and wondering what she looks like in her underwear (Can you see where the rhyme would be in the lyrics?), the guitars are strong with a mightily fuzzed-up quality that is of a thick and lush variety. The vocals are well-sung and are accompanied by a snotty voice on the "Teenage Weirdo" backing refrain which comes out of the left channel only (Remind you of any particular album?). Despite having a Ramones-like sound, at times I hear similarities to a recent Blondie track "Maria," albeit in brief doses.

"Whatta They Know?!" has a much more up-tempo pace to it, along with a snottier vocal driving the song along with some well-placed basic, almost toy-sounding, keyboard in the background. Again, the guitars sound great here–that or they've employed a real buzzsaw during the recording of this track.

"Like A Warrior" provides another slight departure from previous tracks with vocal duties being shared and sounding at times, a bit demented. Good song, though! "Evil Tonight" provides the highlight of this varied release with a great guitar sound, some good leads and a slightly manic feel to it which helps make it stand out.

Like me, have you been waiting for a band to take over from The Queers, which in my opinion have lost their way, to deliver some enjoyable pop punk? If the answer is yes, then check these guys out as they provide a decent alternative if you're looking for hook-laden Ramones-esque punk rock that also has a bit of individuality and masses of fun about it.