Lagwagon - Let's Talk About Leftovers (Cover Artwork)


Let's Talk About Leftovers (2000)


Lagwagon recorded 7 new songs originally intended for an EP, but later on chose to add some of their out takes, songs that were previously on come compilations and some early demos and call it "Let's talk about leftovers". This gave Joey a chance to give his record label much needed push within idependent music industry.

10 years of existance sees Lagwagon change their musical style a bit with every new release. From more metalish hard core sounds of early recordings, to more poppy sound of their latest offering "Let's talk about feelings".One thing that is really good about this is that their past and present is now on display in this neat little package.

Out of those 7 new songs, one is a Jawbreaker cover (Want), and "Losing everyone" is also a cover of a band called Drag the River, which is one of the catchiest songs on here."Narrow straits" seems kinda slow and boring at first, but it really grows on you after a couple of spins.

Next 5 songs are basically all "Double Pladinum" out takes but have all been featured on some compilations except for one, "Brodeo".What can I say about those songs?Lagwagon experimented and had strange production back then and those out takes could have fit in the album perfectly.

In my opinion, Lagwagon's best sound was "Hoss" period and here is another proof how good they were back then.All 4 songs from that period are great, especially "Wind in your sail" and "Laymens terms". Fast, melodic punk with the best production sound that I think they ever had.Not too poppy, not too loud.

"Trashed", an album that gained them quite a few fans had two out takes and are both previously unreleased."Jazzy Jeff" and "The Champ" are nothing special, and I can see why they didn't make the album, but I like "Demented romours" , which is from "Duh" period.

Finnaly we get to an end of this cd, with 3 songs from their first demo, which is nothing but hardcore with heaps of metal solos.Out of those 3, I like 'Truth and justice' the best, maybe just because I miss how lagwagon use to have at least two political songs on every album.

Just when you think that it's all over, as a bonus, you get 3 live songs recorded from their first visit to Japan, while promoting "Trashed".They even play that secret song from trashed live.

IF you like lagwagon you probably have this already, but if you never heard of them and want to check out lagwagon I recommend that you get "Hoss" or "Trashed" first.