Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs - All To Myself [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs

All To Myself [7-inch] (2012)


Unlike most situations when music presents us with an incongruity, it can actually produce enjoyment instead of discomfort. Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs' All To Myself combines a fuzzed-out sonic backdrop but lays jangle and bubblegum on top of it in a near perfect display of consonance and dissonance.

Sam Coffey and the Iron lungs' biggest strength isn't their guitar riffs or lyrical abilities but their hooks. Sure, "All To Myself" spreads out a warm summery vibe with its guitar progression and tone but the "Ooooooo I love you baby / want you all to myself" hook of the chorus is what really gets to me. There is also a slight country twang bend to the title track, subtle enough to not be goofy but still substantial enough for me to make note of it. I think there is more of a connection between the lo-fi/fuzzed-out sound and country music than most people realize, or maybe there isn't and I'm just hearing things, but what I'm hearing is good.

"Do Ya Feel It Too?" and "Lose That Bitch" fill out the rest of the 7-inch. "Do Ya Feel It Too?" is another upbeat number that adds in just a bit of snot and some background oooo-oooooing for the bowl cut and leather jacket set to sink their teeth into. The only real loser of the bunch is "Lose That Bitch" because frankly, "bitch" is a shit word (anyone that complains about PCism is just a scumbag trying to tell other people to get over something they've never been under themselves). I could see a heat of the moment utterance due to conditioning but writing a song like that is a little bro, bro. Anyway, musically it is a good number, I just can't get behind the sentiment.

If you like your garage rock to occupy the poppier end of the spectrum, All To Myself is definitely a record you'll want to check out, despite the lyrical content of one of the tunes.