Wooderson - Let The Man Speak (Cover Artwork)
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Let The Man Speak (2012)

Bombed Out Records

It would be easy to base any brief review of Wooderson's debut long player around an obvious influence provided by Fugazi, but to do so would be to do a disservice to the ability of this Yorkshire-based band. Although it is evidently there to hear across Let The Man Speak, it's a long way from being the be all and end all of the band's music. In fact, I'd add a number of other bands into the comparison mix, including Mission of Burma and Future of the Left, to provide a more well-rounded appreciation of Wooderson's music.

Amidst the intricate guitar work and driving bass lines sits some high-quality drumming, which provides that little bit of something special to help make this album as good as it is. That's not to decry any other aspect on display here, but this isn't your normal tub thumper going about his business, and it goes to show that drums can be as multi-layered as any other instrument on a recording. If anything, this provides the biggest link to a Fugazi influence to my ears.

In respect of the highlights of this album, "Deluxe" is a great opening track and is immediately followed by another strong track in "Janet Bruce." Add to this "Sleepwalking" with its vocal delivery reminiscent of Andy Falkous of Future of the Left, and one third of the record is already of a very high standard. The remaining two thirds of the album don't slack off either, and the overall effect is a release that manages to create music that works well in the foreground or background when it's being played.

The key to the success of this record is that it flows seamlessly from start to finish and creates something atmospheric for the listener: this isn't a big, shouty record but more of a considered and measured piece of work that delivers on many levels. For a debut release, there is no shortage in confidence and ability displayed within this record, and both Wooderson and Bombed Out Records should be extremely pleased with the outcome.

This is digitally available now via the usual sources, but physical product (CD and vinyl) will follow shortly for those who like something in their hands.