Glocca Morra - Just Married (Cover Artwork)

Glocca Morra

Just Married (2012)

Kind of Like Records

Glocca Morra's newest album Just Married has all of the zest and vigor that one would expect from such a newly established profundity. With a nonchalance that exhibits a particular reluctance inherent to earnest confidence and an organic type of leadership, Glocca Morra present a well-devised album that champions the '90s revival that has seemed to overcome a recent fascination with reverb and lo-fi surf sound.

Tethered to the aesthetic of Mike Kinsella's entire body of work, Just Married fuses together modern sounds of East Coast DIY with a classical emo approach, often erring to mathematical and soft musings. With whimsical guitar computations in the vein of Maps & Atlases or Look Mexico, Glocca Morra employ an approach that incorporates the clumsily aggressive aspects of Iron Chic or Desaparecidos. With adept musicianship, emulation is second nature, and is ultimately overlooked. The inclusion of varied auxiliary instrumentation and percussion augments the aesthetic without any gimmicks.

The vocals, in contrast to their normal emotive nature, are sometimes drawn off callously in a regard of malaise. This variability creates a palate not only diverse in color, but emotional saturation–aptly conveying apathy. In addition, the vocals seem to draw post-hardcore sensibilities from Engine Down or Thursday. This aspect sets Glocca Morra apart from other '90s revivalists: a true incorporation of post-hardcore within the modern confines of indie, punk, and DIY.

Did I mention that Tom May of the Menzingers is in the album photo? I mean, that's badass.

Just Married contains the hope and fascination life bound with the coherent workings of musical greatness. Glocca Morra perform with an elastic diversity tethered to decades-old riffs as a stalwart for the moment.