Ramones  - Mondo Bizarro (Cover Artwork)


Mondo Bizarro (1992)

Radioactive Records

By the late '80s, the Ramones were internally beginning to collapse. They still made great music, but the band's relationships were diminishing as they invariably changed their sound many times hoping for another breakthrough album.

CJ Ramone (the replacement for bassist Dee Dee) brought back a lot of the energy for the band and this album is a return to the Ramones roots. It shows too; Joey hasn't sounded this pissed off since 1978. The Ramones sound so energized. It's a shame that more people haven't listened to this album (I also can't believe this album went out of print.)

The first song, "Censorshit," is a anti-censorship rant about the PMRC (and the parental advisory stickers). "Touring," a Beach Boys-style number, was a leftover from Pleasant Dreams. It is also a rip off of their own "Rock n Roll High School." Dee Dee may have left the band, but he still contributed "Poison Heart," "Strength to Endure" and "Main Man" (which CJ sings on the latter two). All great songs with very amazing lyrics.

The reason Mondo Bizarro failed to be successful was because of Radioactive Records, The record label picked the cover, the band's choice is prominently placed inside the booklet. It's a photo collage of the Ramones done psychedelic-style. Either way this is one of their best albums and brought back the classic Ramones style. This is better than any reviews indicated at the time. If you like or love the Ramones you will enjoy this album big time. It was a real shame it didn't give them the break they deserved.