Sore Eyelids - Sore Eyelids (Cover Artwork)
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Sore Eyelids

Sore Eyelids (2012)


Sore Eyelids are a young trio from Stockholm, Sweden and their new self-titled full-length is simply extraordinary. Navigating a multitude of different sounds and influences and placing an admirably melancholy veneer on each, the band create an aesthetic that's morose, cathartic and altogether arresting.

"I Wish I Could Believin' You" kicks off the album with a fast drum beat and highly audible bass line–think Joyce Manor covering something from Alkaline Trio's Goddammit. The song is quickly taken over by distant, echoey (yet talented) vocals and swirling, shoegazey guitars. It's simultaneously abrupt and impressive. "Can't Breathe" takes a similar route, but ups the vocal effect even more–it's obvious here that the band take a smidgen of influence from the Smiths. That certain vulnerability portrayed through vocals continues throughout Sore Eyelids, especially on "Over" and "Heart Like A Wishing Well."

"Still I'm Here" gives the bass a chance to take the lead, where it cautiously dances with freewheeling power chords and hugely impressive drum fills. Really, the whole album is an exercise in masterful production–these songs simply wouldn't be the same if the bass weren't always audible. Too many bands forget that with overbearing multiple guitar and vocal tracks. Not here.

The backend of Sore Eyelids is stacked. "365 Days of Nothing" has a little less audible tension than much of the rest of the album, but it's an altogether invigorating song, especially the howling guitar work that permeates throughout its end. "Carpi 2007" is perhaps the most thoroughly dissonant track here, with vocals that are more heavily obtuse and perpetually immense guitars to boot. "Depending On" puts on one of the better spins of the quiet/loud dynamic found on the album, and closes out things admirably.

These 10 songs do get a little samey at times, but considering Sore Eyelids have an undoubtedly unique sonic perspective on what emo and punk can be, it's easily forgivable and leaves the ceiling for their future music sky high. Don't sleep on this band.